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Oct 02 2012

Kethane miner download

Kethane miner

11 hours ago, HolidayTheLeek said: Hello there, I am loving the mod so far, but I am curious if there is anyway to disable modcontrol?. Seeing that your going for a realistic space program I have a challenge for you Beat NASA and either get a probe to orbit and or land on an asteroid or (here's. Is mechjeb cheating? Ah well. It makes it easy and fun to land things on other planets.

Enter Kethane: send a miner/refiner/storage facility (or facilities) to Laythe; mine the Kethane there; convert it to whatever resource you need. So, I got kethane the kethane mod (as the name suggests) and I need some help. Well, help with 2 things actually, I made a kethane miner but it. This is my heavy kethane miner. It has storage capacity for ~44, kethan, and ~ 17, of LFO. The ship is capable of functioning in solar or.

Kethane Miner Lander - Duna landscape. Done. Elric Anatine faved this. Comment. 60 views. 1 fave. 0 comments. Taken on May 15, Some rights reserved.

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